Manufacturing Product Cost Reduction - Toyota Principles With Modeling Function
To measure is to know
Enabling Lean 6S Manufacturers to focus on high-impact cost reductions
by accurately predicting the ROI of all current / proposed Improvement Projects
and unveiling hidden OEE and other cost reduction ideas you never knew exist

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Watch Measuring ROI OR Watch Toyota Method OR LEANMAP

Three Reasons Why All Manufacturers need this Software App

  • Scientifically and easily plan Cost Reduction using proven Target Costing formulas to know the individual Costs of All OEE Losses.
  • Includes a Cost-Reduction Suggestion System to Empower individual Process Owners to embbrace cost ownership and cost reductions.
  • 100% accuracy compared to Standard Costing and Activity-Based Costing Methods and suitable for use in Pricing.

The Fact

Comparative Comments ABC Costing module (Activity Based Costing) LEAN Costing (to drive Cost Reduction) (Toyota Target Costing - TCM)
1. Alignment to Kaizen Activities. Cost of Losses partly aligned to structure of OEE Losses and Wastes. Costs of Losses fully aligned OEE Losses & Wastes at individual Process Levels.
2. Pricing Data Accuracy Captures Overhead costs by product lines more accurately than Standard Costing Method for better Pricing decisions. Also captures Overheads by product lines. Extremely accurate Product Costing for reliable product Pricing decisions.
3. Consistency of Implementation standards. Time Consuming, possible errors and consultant-dependent to define the detailed activities of Processes. Standardized formulas follow the OEE Loss Tree structure of Materials, Man, Management organization & Machine losses.
4. Ease for User Highly complex, difficult for users to understand. Easy to learn the Standardized definitions, terminology across processes, products.
5. Ease of Software changes Costly to maintain to keep up to changes in Processes. Easy to maintain and adjust to Process changes.