Four Simple Step To Convert OEE Losses To Costs

The Manager wanted to know if his Engineer's request for an investment of USD30,000 to improve the Process Yield from 95% to 99% will pay back itself and with what period of time.

Through this Target Costing software, he found that he'd be able to shave off USD0.10147 per unit. With average volume of 930,000 per mth, the ROI would be >USD94,000 per month or well over USD1M a year!!

With this critical information, other less impactful projects were then put on hold while full support given to this project.

  1. Use our Lean Target Costing Software on your mobile, on internet or on your intranet server.

  2. Enter your Machine's OEE data.

  3. Enter the Product Cost items.

  4. Get an instant conversion for all your OEE losses into the equivalent cost.